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Our main way of getting together is through classes. As we grow, Spinal Rhythm Jazz will have opportunities for artists come togetherWhether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have something for you. Come discover the rhythm within you and let's dance!

     As a teacher, Chenise loves to encourage bravery and creativity in others, whether they are pursuing dance as a career or doing it for fun. Jazz is a versatile genre where dancers can be challenged while expressing themselves honestly and discovering their personal style. She loves to encourage dance as a means for support and expression; "Dance is a language of connection I want to share with everyone."

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Image by Jeremie Dupont

Our Classes

Policies & Info


We maintain awareness & gratitude that the dancing we do together is a union of the works of many Black, Latinx and Indigenous folks who can and cannot be named.

This work is communicated to you in union with SRJ's work and artists in this community who have shared with her over the past 3 decades.

We make an effort to acknowledge those before us.

Please remember Spinal Rhythm Jazz and those in this community, should you decide to share the information learned here outside of this community.

Safety & COVID

The studio is available 15 minutes prior to start time. This time can be used for any personal warm up, chronic injury attention, etc.

As the spread of COVID continues, it is up to each person to protect themself or others as they see fit. Contact should there be questions of concerns regarding safety.


The studio we are currently renting is not physically accessible for anyone requiring assistance up and down stairs.

In the future Spinal Rhythm Jazz will offer classes at studios without physical barriers.

At this time, Spinal Rhythm Jazz has not hired an interpreter for communication with deaf and hard of hearing people. Chenise continues to work on her signing.


Spinal Rhythm Jazz has experience teaching clients in person who: are 60+, have disabilities, are neurodivergent and experience chronic injury as well as experience teaching virtually to deaf & hard of hearing folks, blind folks and folks with disabilities.


Your attire is up to you!

It is encouraged that you wear clothes you feel good about moving in, which keep you and those around you safe.

Spinal Rhythm Jazz classes often start barefooted. Socks may become slippery, but you may choose to keep your feet covered.

Jazz shoes or indoor running/dancing shoes are also worn.

In the studio we are currently practicing the floors are slippery without rubber soled shoes (too slippery for character shoes).


Spinal Rhythm Jazz cannot provide refunds.

Exchanges can be arranged with the following requirements:

24 hours notice before scheduled class is given

And the client agrees to have the amount paid forwarded to a class scheduled within 30 days or to the next class scheduled by Spinal Rhythm Jazz.


Please fill out the Google Form to register.

Confirmation of registration is in the form of a receipt.

You may register for a course up to 24 hours before class begins (Dropins up to the start of class).

Payments are accepted by e-Transfer at this time.

Please contact should e-Transfer be a barrier or if you have not received a receipt before the class.



Thanks for submitting!

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