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Discover the Beauty of Jazz Dance


Spinal Rhythm Jazz is a community that celebrates Jazz dance and music. Our passion for Jazz dance brings together Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities in Tkaronto. We believe that Jazz dance is not just an art form, but a way of life. Join us in discovering the power of Jazz dance and music.

Our Team

Spinal Rhythm Jazz is made up of passionate and dedicated Jazz dance enthusiasts.

We come from diverse backgrounds and are united by our love for Jazz dance and music. Get to know us and join us in celebrating the beauty of Jazz dance.


Jazz dance outdoors

     As a teacher, Chenise loves to encourage bravery and creativity in others, whether they are pursuing dance as a career or doing it for fun. Jazz is a versatile genre where dancers can be challenged while expressing themselves honestly and discovering their personal style. She loves to encourage dance as a means for support and expression;

"Dance is a language of connection I want to share with everyone."

Image by Jeremie Dupont


Our resident Admin and constant supporter, Rolando is a cook and student passionate about Indigenous Rights and decolonization. He is of Latinx and settler colonial descent and is committed to understanding his positionality within 

TDT Pilot Episodes with Spinal Rhythm Jazz
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